Cookery Book Graphic Design UK

The Client

A nationwide magazine publisher.

The Brief
The client came to us with a simple brief. Design a 16 page glossy magazine aimed at promoting healthy meals that were simple and quick to cook. The magazine was going to be handed out to shoppers for free, so should be bright and enticing to grab the readers attention.
Before diving into this particular project, we undertook a little bit of customer research to find out what it was, that people loved and hated about cookbooks. The answers that came back to us, were circulated around three main principles.
  1. People want bright and and clear images of every single recipe in the book.
  2. People want to see the level of difficulty involved in a dish. Sometimes you get in late from work, and you don't have the time or energy to chop and dice 15 different types of veg.
  3. And people want to see the overall time, from start to sitting down.
  All of this was taken into account, on what I have to say was one of my favourite projects to work on yet. I hope you like the end result. If you're interested in cookery book design, please don't hesitate to get in touch on [email protected]