Accountancy Style Logo Design

Accountancy Logo Design UK

The Client

Wallace Burns are a family run accountancy firm founded in 2009.

The Brief
The Wallace Burns company owners had approached us after becoming frustrated with their tired looking brand. Though the organisation was only set up in 2009, Wallace and his colleagues were quite open when saying they rushed their branding, through eagerness to start trading. The old logo was very square and dull looking, much like how corporations branded themselves in the mid 1980's.
After sitting down with the team to discuss this project, we decided to try and give their brand a family feel. The core values of Wallace's business were first and foremost set up to assist other small, and particularly family run businesses. A feature which they felt was dying out in the modern day business world. We did this by incorporating a very warm but professional looking font, with one or two modifications. The logo was boxed in to add professionalism and to group everything together around the central theme. If you're looking for accountancy logo design, please don't hesitate to get in touch on [email protected]