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Your business card is a 10cm representation of you, of your company. Much like you can tell a lot about a person by the type of shoes they wear. The same can be said about your business card design. A high quality finish conveys trust. It says you are somebody an individual or company can feel comfortable working with. Whereas a poorly produced, cheap card conveys, well, not a lot really.
As well as design, we also offer free guidance on where you can achieve the most cost effective high quality printing. We work with around 30 different printers all over the UK, most of whom offer our clients at 10% discount on all printing.
All first drafts are generally completed within 5 days of your purchase.
All completed files come print ready, with all relevant bleeds included.

So what about the price?


Choose from tens of thousands of pre developed business cards and have us edit them for you. Simply stunning design done your way at low prices.


Let us produce a design built from scratch in line with your exact requirements. Your colours, your style, your way. Completely unique and bespoke business cards at affordable prices.

Total Price = £75

Total Price = £95

A little more information

For me one of the most important aspects of branding, has to be business card design. As a company visiting a potential client, whether it be at an exhibition or just bumping into them at a social event, first impressions count. This person knows very little about you, and will make up their mind (even sub-conciously) based on the business card you hand them. This 85mm x 55mm card is a representation of you, and of your business. If it looks like it was made on Powerpoint and printed using a home computer, then it kind of says a lot about you.
Though we now employ an additional two members of staff, for much of Maroon Baboon's existence we were a one man band. Or should I say, I was a one man band. But because of the look, feel and level of quality to our branding many people  assumed we were a much larger organisation. When I came to explain, we were a very small company, most people seem surprised. But why?
There was a time only companies like Coca-Cola and McDonalds could afford to employ a graphic designer, but not anymore. Producing high quality cards from the layout and style right through to the print stage, is no longer hugely expensive. Our prices start from just £49.

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