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Choose from thousands of typefaces

Extensive Font Database

We have built an extensive database of fonts over the last ten years, and are able to offer clients design with the typeface of their choice.

Improve, upgrade and master

Three Revisions

Unlike most agencies who offer clients a single editing revision period. Maroon Baboon is proud to offer all clients three individual revisions, to ensure the finished product is nothing but perfect.

Pay half on completion

Secured Payments

With any project, half of the agreed fee is paid upon completion of your work. Giving you security and helping cash flow a little too.

Deadline or Discount

Fixed Completion Periods

Upon committing to any project with Maroon Baboon, you will be provided with a completion date. For every day we go over this date, you will be granted 5% discount on your originally agreed price.

So what about the price?


Select your favourite template from a collection of thousands
of styles,all available to edit as you desire. Cost effective logo design with high quality
end results. Get in touch for more information


Show us examples of the types of styles you like most,
along with a range of requirements and have us produce your perfect logo.
100% unique and completely tailored for you.

Total Price = £75


A little more about info

For me high quality and bespoke logo design is central to creating a well respected and memorable brand or company. According to studies, the average human notices over 2,500 brands a day, many of which are at a sub concious level. Studies undertaken by Harvard University, suggest each person between the age of 21 and 50 can recall around 1,000 different corporate identities when prompted. A quite astonishing fact.
A well designed brand identity should show your customers the level of quality you provide. Quality equals trust, and if a potential customer trusts you, you are much more likely to win their business. If your website and more importantly your logo look like they have been put together on Microsoft Powerpoint, it's unlikely you will ever hear from that customer again.
As well as gaining a customers trust, your brand should set you apart from your rivals. It should be something people can remember you by. So many companies make the mistake of copying other organisations' designs, by thinking, "if it works for them, it will work for us". Unfortunately, this is doing nothing but blending your company into the crowd. When really you should be standing out.
Whether you prefer a simple one line cursive style or something with a little complexity, we can help. Whether you have an existing brand that just needs a little modernising, we can help. Or whether you have no idea where to start or what to do, we can help.

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" Everything is created. Few things are created well " - Brian Reed